Sunday, March 25, 2012

Information - Corcovado mountain

Corcovado is the most famous and visited tourist spot in Rio de Janeiro.
Question is how to get there. I have written a guide about the place´s history and how to get there.
Visit the place at Corcovado Rio de Janeiro.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro

Short history of Ipanema in Rio de JaneiroThis neighbourhood is relatively new. Only in 1894 this area was turned from farm area to  parcelled land prepared for residential construction. The earliest movement in the city development was from Botafogo to Jardim Botanico and then slowly towards the beach. Only after the construction of tunels from Botafogo to Copacabana did it become easy for Cariocas to move to the beach areas.

Until the 1960s the noble neighbourhood was Copacabana. As this lost some of its status and persons in the intellectual elite started to frequent bars and restaurants in Ipanema, this area eventually became to more chique area in Rio de Janeiro.

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